Lecturer and Researcher of Research and Education Component


Name : Homathevi Rahman B.Sc. (UKM), Ph.D. (UMS)
Position : Lecturer /Researcher
Research Field : Taxonomy & Ecology of Isoptera (Forest Termites)
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : homa@ums.edu.my
Name : Henry Bernard B.Sc. (Hons.) Malaya; M.Sc. (Reading); Ph.D. (Copenhagen)
Position : Researcher/ Lecturer
Research Field: Tropical small mammal ecology
Current teaching responsibility: M.Sc. courses
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : hbtiandun@yahoo.com
Name : Monica Suleiman B.Sc. (UPM), Ph.D. (Manchester)
Position : Lecturer/ Researcher
Research Field : Bryology
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : monicas@ums.edu.my
Name : Zulhazman Hamzah B.Sc. (Forestry), M.Sc. (Remote Sensing) Position : Researcher/ Lecturer
Research Field : Remote Sensing/ GIS & Nature Tourism
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : zhazman@ums.edu.my
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/zulh.html
Name : Maryati Mohamed B.Sc. (Gadjah Mada), Ph.D. (London)
Position : Director/Prof. Datin Dr.
Research Field : Science of Biodiversity
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : dmaryati@ums.edu.my
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/maryati.html
Name : Mashitah Yusoff B.S. ACS-certified chemist (WSU), M.A. (WMU), Ph.D. (WSU)
Position : Deputy Director/Assoc Professor
Research Field : Medicinal chemistry
Research Interest : Bioactive molecules from terrestrial ecosystems
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : mashitah@ums.edu.my
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/mashitah.html
Name : Kueh Boon Hee B.Sc. (Hons.) (First Class) (UMS), M.Sc. (UMS) Position : Lecturer/ Researcher
Research Field : Conservation Biology/ Herpetology/ Nature Tourism Institution : ITBC
E-mail : kbhkelvin@hotmail.com
Name : Mahadimenakbar M. Dawood Bsc. (UKM), Msc. (DURHAM). Position : Lecturer/Researcher
Research Field : Entomology
Current research : Ecology of fireflies in Sabah, Ecology of saprozylic arthropods
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : menakbar@ums.edu.my
Name : Takahisa Kusano
Position : Chief Advisor
Research Field : Conservation Project Management
Current research: Rural Development & Nature Conservation
Institution : JICA (assigned to ITBC, UMS)
E-mail : kusano@pd.jaring.my
Name : Nurhuda Manshoor BSc (Malaya), MSc (UKM)
Position : Lecturer/ researcher
Research Field : Phytochemistry
Research Interest : Metabolite profiling of angiosperms
E-mail : nurhuda@ums.edu.my
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/nurhuda.html
Name : Atsuko Takano BSc. (Kobe University), MSc. (Kobe), Ph. D (Osaka City Univ.)
Position : JICA Advisor for Inventory/ Museum Management
Research Field : Plant taxonomy
Current research : Studies of ginger flora in Sabah
Institution : JICA / Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo
E-mail : globbajp@yahoo.co.jp
Name : Takuji TACHI BSc. (Kyushu University), MSc. (Kyushu), Ph. D (Kyushu)
Position : JICA Advisor for Systematic Biology
Research Field : Insect taxonomy
Current research : Systematics in the family Tachinidae
Institution : JICA
E-mail : tachi@myjaring.net

Name : Yoshiaki Hashimoto
Position : JICA Advisor/ Assoc. Professor, Dr.
Research Field : Hymenoptera Phylogeny, Ant Taxonomy & Ecology
Current research : Biodiversity of army ants and canopy ants in SE Asia. Institute : ITBC, University Malaysia Sabah (JICA BBEC) / Division of Phylogenetics, Museum of Nature and Human Activities,Hyogo / Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Hyogo prefectural University
E-mail : yoshiaki@nat-museum.sanda.hyogo.jp

Name : Menno Schilthuizen BSc., Ph. D (Leiden)
Position : Associate Professor
Research Field : Evolutionary Biology
Current research : Snails
Institution : ITBC
E-mail : schilthuizen@excite.com, crawlies@ums.edu.my
Name : Mohd. Fairus Jalil BSc (USM), MSC (UMS)
Position : Lecturer/ researcher
Research Field : Evolutionary biology
Current Research : Orangutan
E-mail : mohd_fairus@hotmail.com
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/fairus.html
Name : Bakhtiar Effendi Yahya BSc (UKM), MSc (UMS)
Position : Lecturer/ researcher
Research Field : Entomology
Current Research : Ants
E-mail : bakhtiar_effendi@hotmail.com
Link : http://www.ums.edu.my/ibtp/bakhtiar.html
Name : GOOSSENS Benoit Ph.D. (Biology)
Position : Post-doctoral Research Associate
Research Field : Conservation genetics
Current research: Conservation of the orang-utan in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary
Institution : Cardiff University, United Kingdom
E-mail : goossensbr@cardiff.ac.uk
Name : Dr. Masaaki Yoneda
Position : JICA advisor for park management and conservation biology Research Field : Protected area management and wildlife (mammal)
Current research: Ecosystem of Crocker Range Park
Institution : Japan Wildlife Research Centre (currently Sabah Parks, JICA)
E-mail : myoneda@jwrc.or.jp


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