Venue: Stage, Palm Square, 4th Floor, Centre Point Sabah
Date: 18 - 24 May 2003
Time: 11 am - 7 pm (eveyday)

1. Background

The Public Awareness Component held an exhibition at Centre Point Sabah, where specimens and documents from the scientific research at Crocker Range Expedition were exhibited to the public. A discussion among the working committee for the exhibition consists of officers from the ITBC, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Sabah Parks and Science and Technology Unit was held earlier on the 8th May 2003.

Prior to the exhibition, on the 26th August to 14th September 2002, a Scientific Expedition to the Crocker Range Park was carried out under BBEC Programme by the Research and Education Component, led by the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the Park Management Component, led by the Sabah Parks.

2. Exhibition at Centre Point Sabah

As a follow-up, an exhibition on the scientific expedition carried out inside the Crocker Range Park is held at the Palm Square, 4th Floor, Centre Point Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, from 18 - 24 May, 2003. It is aimed to inform the public the importance of Crocker Range and the needs to conserve it. Also displayed are the preliminary research results of the scientific expedition. The exhibition was officiated on the 18 May 2003 at about 2.30 pm by the Yang Berhormat Datuk Karim Hj. Bujang, the Deputy Minister of Ministry Tourism, Culture and Environment, of Sabah.

The agenda during the opening ceremony of the exhibition: 18 May 2003

1.30 pm : Arrival of Guests
1.55 pm : Arrival of the Assistant Minister of the MInistry of Toursim, Culture and Environment of Sabah,
Y.B. Datuk Karim Hj. Bujang
2.00 pm : Welcoming Speec by the Organising Committee Chairman
En. Moktar Yassin Ajam
The Director of Science and Technology Unit, Sabah Chief Minister's Department,
Cum Head of Public Awareness Component, Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation Programme in Sabah
2.10 pm : Speech and Official Opening of the Exhibition, The "Crocker Range Park: The Spine of Sabah" by the Assistant Minister of the MInistry of Tourism, Culture and Environment of Sabah,
Y.B. Datuk Karim Hj. Bujang
2.30 pm : Presentation of Token to the Asssistant Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment of Sabah
2.40 pm : Sightseeing at the exhibition
End of Ceremony

3. Publicity

The launching ceremony and the exhibition are inform to the members of the public through RTM Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. School students are invited to the launching ceremony and the exhibition through letter were faxed to them. Members of BBEC Steering Committee, Components members, JICA Advisors are also invited to attend the launching ceremony. 3 banners were produced and put on strategic places, 1 at Wisma MUIS, 2 at the Centre Point Sabah area. 15 press companies were invited for coverage of the launching ceremony event. Press Releases were also produced and sent to them. The event was also up-loaded to BBEC website.

4. Working Committee


Mr. Moktar Yassin Ajam
Director of Science and Technology Unit
Sabah Chief Minister's Department
Cum Head of Public Awareness Component, BBEC

Members Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
Dr. Monica Suleiman
Julia George
Azimah Hj. Jaafar
Sabah Parks
Alim Biun
Ludi Apin
Science and Technology Unit
Fatimah Jaafar
Lina Mohd. Lin
Johan Ghani
Mohd. Hanafi Datuk Hj. Semion
Betty Kondingu
Winnie Anggon
Jacqueline L. Lohindun
Noraniza Mohd. Taha
Ryan Macdonell Andras
Saabiah Andamit
Lyddia Lewald

5. Conclusion

The exhibition is attracting quite a number of visitor. Approximately 600 people including schools students from SMK Bongawan, Papar and SM Teknik Likas, Kota Kinabalu were present during the opening ceremony. Through this activity, the Public Awareness Component is hoping that people around the Kota Kinabalu City gain more knowledge and information on the Crocker Range Park and know it importance to conserve it.


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