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Environmental Education Program at KKCBS

16 students from Form 1 and 2 including 5 teachers from SMK Sanzac attended an Environmental Education Program which was jointly organized by Public Awareness Component (PAC) and Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary (KKCBS) on 2 October 2004 at KKCBS, Likas. The students have the opportunity to watch various kind of birds and planting trees at KKCBS. 3 groups of students had presented what they have learned which was recorded in video and will be shown during the video conference with Setagaya Junior High School which was schedule on 5 November 2004.

Developers and the Environment Seminar

The Developer's Task Force under Public Awareness Component, which is headed by Puan Susan Pudin from Environment Protection Department has organized a seminar for developers on 23 September 2004 at Marina Court Resort Condominium, Kota Kinabalu. Most developers may already be aware of the existence of EPD and DOE and thus, understand the rules and regulations pertaining to development activities in Sabah. This Seminar is another avenue to enhance that understanding, knowledge and awareness of environmental protection and to generate action, particularly in biodiversity and ecosystems conservation, through the BBEC Programme.

Environmental Journalism Workshop

An Environmental Journalism Workshop was organised on 3 - 4 August, 2004 at ITBC, UMS. The main target group for this workshop are the journalists and editors. Mr. Karam Singh Walia from TV3 and Mr. Phillip Mathew from ISIS are the main speaker in this workshop. The other speaker are Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd. Noh Dalimin, Prof. Datin Dr. Maryati Mohamed, Susan Pudin from EPD, Dr. Jamili Nais from Sabah Parks and Mr. Amirul Arifin from DOE.

Video Conference between SMK Sanzac, Sabah and Setagaya Junior High School, Japan

A video conference has been organised between SMK Sanzac, Sabah and Setagay Junior High School, Japan on 29 July 2004 at SMK Sanzac. 30 students from SMK Sanzac and 10 students from Setagaya Junior High School, took part in the event. During the conference the students from both schools introduced themsleves, showed their schools picture and informed about their Environmental Education activities in their schools. They also sang a song before ended the conference.

Bornean Jungle School Wonder Tour 2004

A Bornean Jungle School Wonder Tour 2004 was organized by the Museum of Nature and Human Activity in Hyogo, Japan at Danum Valley, Lahad Datu on 23 - 27 July, 2004. A group of 26 students from Japan and 10 students from Sabah took part in this activity to explore the tropical rainforest in Sabah. The main objective of this activity is to expose the students on learning and understanding the importance of tropical rainforest and inculcate the feelings of love towards natural heritage. Please read the press release and the report for further information.

2nd BBEC Book Launching Ceremony

The BBEC Book Launching Ceremony was officiated by the Chief Minister of Sabah, YAB Datuk Musa Hj. Aman at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on 5 July 2004. This is the second official book launching event held by BBEC to let known and promote books and publication published from June 2003 until June 2004. The publication of BBECís books is one of the output of the programme where the plan, progress and results of BBEC are made known to the public. A total of 20 books were officiated. The books included proceedings of conferences, seminars and workshop, scientific monographs, catalogues of certain species, guide book on nature centres in Sabah, manual on protected areas management, general books on systematic biology and a compilation book of BBECís activities from February 2002 to September 2003.

Workshop on Nature Conservation for Policy Makers

A workshop on nature conservation for the JKKKs and committee members of villages around Crocker Range Park was organised on 29 June 2004 at the Keningau Nature Centre, Keningau. This one day workshop was officiated by the Director of Sabah Native Affairs Council, Mr. Mohd. Said Hinayat. Please read the press release for further information.

Sandakan Holidays Festival Exhibition 2004

Science and Technology Unit (UST) has joint an exhibition which was organised by the Sandakan Municipal Council on 18 - 21 June 2004 during the Sandakan Holidays Festival 2004. Besides UST's mission statement and awareness on science activities, the other main materials exhibited was the BBEC activities. A total of about 162 visitors had visited the booth. Please read the report prepared by the staff incharged.

Japan TV Programme visits Sabah

The Japan TV Programme from Tokyo Television visited Sabah which is airing a programme series in Japan called ď Nakamura Toruís Chikyu Sapota (Global Supporter)Ē. They visited Sabah on the 8th to 14th June 2004. The programme was sponsored by Japanís Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and hosted by a famous Japanese actor, Mr. Toru Nakamura. In Sabah, the team visited and shot at two of the main sites of JICA-BBEC Programme; the Mahua in Crocker Range Park and ITBC, UMS. Please read the press release.

Exhibition during the World Water Day at the Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu

The Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation (BBEC) has participated in the exhibition at the Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu in conjunction with the World Water Day on 9 May 2004. The event was officiated by YAB Datuk Musa Hj. Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah.

Teacher's Workshop on Nature Environment Education and Biological Biodiversity Conservation

Teachers Task Force under Public Awareness Component together with Park Management Component has organized a workshop on Nature Environment Education and Biological Biodiversity Conservation on 27 April 2004 at Crocker Nature Centre, Keningau. A total of 30 teachers participated in the workshop.

Environmental Education Programme for Teacher Support Group in conjunction of World Wetland Day 2004

On 28th March 2004, Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary (KKCBS) held an Environmental Education Programme for Teacher Support Group in conjunction of World Wetlands Day 2004, with a total participation of 32 teachers from various local schools. The participating teachers for the programme were of Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tansau Penampang, Sekolah Menengah Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Yue Min and Sabah College. This programme was jointly organized by BBEC and KKCBS in collaboration with the ongoing project of Joining Hands Across Water by Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. Please read the press release for further information on the event.

Talk on Environmental Education in Sabah by Prof. Toshiyuki Mizukoshi

A talk on Environmental Education in Sabah by Prof. Toshiyuki Mizukoshi was organized in Promenade Hotel on 18 March 2004. Prof. Mizukoshi is a JICA short term advisor who has been despatched to assist on development of educational material and programme in Sabah. He is analysing and evaluating existing environmental education materials used for students and teachers, training modules for teachers and other information on training programme for teachers on environmental education. He will then propose recommendation for improving the exististing materials and training to BBEC Public Awareness Component Working Group.

Video Conference between SMK Tamparuli, Sabah and Kashiwagi Primary School, Japan

A video conference has been organised between SMK Tamparuli, Sabah and Kashiwagi Primary School, Japan on 5 March, 2004. 20 students from SMK Tamparuli and 30 students from Kashiwagi Primary School took part in the event. The main objective of the conference was to exchange information and experience on their environmental education activities in their school.

Second BBEC International Conference 2004

The 2nd BBEC International Conference 2004 was organized with the theme "Biodiversity Conservation: Forward Together" at Nexus Karambunai Resort on 24 - 26 February 2004. The conference was officiated by Sabah Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Musa Aman. The conference discussed mainly on :

  • Can understanding of biodiversity change human behavior for conservation?
  • How can we integrate people in biodiversity conservation?

Exhibition during the COP7 meeting

BBEC has organized an exhibition during the COP7 meeting at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 9 - 20 February 2004. The objectives of the exhibition are:

  • To promote BBEC International Conference 2004 and attract participants of COP7 to attend the conference.
  • To introduce BBEC to COP7 participants
  • To promote Sabah's conservation areas and BBEC's effort on it.

Environmental Education Course for Teachers

A course on Environmental Education for teachers around Papar, Beaufort, Tambunan, Tenom, Ranau and Kota Kinabalu area was conducted at Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary on 4 - 6 February 2004. The course was organized by Public Awareness Component and Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary jointly with Education Department. The course covered presentation on Environmental Education Curriculum in Schools, experience and learn more on wetlands area, discussion on lesson plan development and also talk and demonstration on composting. Please read the speech by the Chief Advisor of BBEC and the press release.


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